Announcement! New Prices Coming Soon!

On 1st OCTOBER 2017 a new pricing structure will be implemented on my photography services.

I feel that I have undervalued the excellent service that I offer and an increase has been long overdue.

Any BOOKINGS made before the end of September 2017 will still be at the CURRENT PRICES, including any bookings for 2019.

Thank you.

A booking is not secured until the BOOKING FEE is paid.
Booking Fees paid after 1st October 2017 will be for the new service priced items.

Coming Soon

New WEDDING PACKAGES coming to my WEB-STORE soon

Plus… if you’re getting married in 2015, there is still chance to grab a deal with my WEDDING OFFER

Phone line service resumes

A few days ago I went to make a call from my landline, and discovered I had no dial tone.
I then realised… I haven’t received any calls for a couple of months (I don’t make calls from my landline).
The engineer has now sorted the problem at the exchange, and I have landline service again.

0800 3457319