Trash The Dress

Also known as Fearless Bride or Rock The Frock, a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography. Usually brides decide to have pictures taken on a beach, but other locations include city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings. Wikipedia – Trash The Dress

Do I have to trash my dress?

No, the beauty of a post-wedding shoot is that you can be as adventurous as you like. For some it’s a great opportunity to wear the dress all over again, and maybe get shots in a location that wasn’t available to them on their wedding day. Others may opt for the full Trash The Dress experience and end up in the grungiest of locations. It’s just a great and fun way of getting some unique fashion or lifestyle images that will compliment your existing wedding album. Remember… dry cleaning can fix just about anything

Someone else photographed our wedding, can we still do a Trash The Dress PhotoShoot with you?

Definitely, I love meeting new people with new ideas

How long will the PhotoShoot take?

Usually about an hour, depending on the locations you want

My husband isn’t keen on the idea of more photos, can I do it by myself?

Of course, whilst having both of you there makes a strong connection, I can just as easily do beautiful fashion or lifestyle images with just you, so don’t sit back if you want to do it

What do we wear?

Your wedding dress and maybe your wellies, your husband could wear a suit. For non brides a posh evening gown would be just as suitable. Or maybe even something from Cherlone-Dress

What if it rains?

No problem, we’re trashing a dress and the rain can really add to it and make for great images, but if you don’t like the rain, we could find a sheltered location or just rearrange the shoot

dress-offerHow much will it cost?

For a limited period Trash The Dress is on special offer… check my web-store

  • This includes my time on the PhotoShoot
  • The editing of your fabulous images
  • 2x 20×16″ prints of your choice
  • 4x A4 prints of your choice

With extra options to have a selection of your images presented in a PhotoBook, professional album, or as high quality canvases, prints (framed or unframed) or as personalised gifts at affordable prices

Why delay?

Why not book your Trash The Dress PhotoShoot with me now?


Are you looking for your photos?


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  • Please allow at least an hour for the shoot
  • Outdoor sessions are subject to weather permitting
  • Studio backdrops can not be used on outdoor shoots
  • Booking Fee is required to secure date and time


  • High Resolution printable images with no logo
  • Low Resolution images (Download/USB) For sharing on Facebook, etc.
  • Studio Booking ~ Should you wish to be photographed in a studio, this can be arranged providing ample booking time is allowed ~ POA
  • A password protected gallery where you decide who can view your pictures ~ FREE Please state if you wish it to be private
  • A range of PhotoBooks and Albums of your photos can be compiled in different sizes and styles and made available from your gallery for your review before purchase ~ POA


Up to 20 miles radius from Halifax, West Yorkshire free of charge.
Beyond that at a rate of £0.35 per mile (calculated from HX2 to your postcode) or actual cost of public transport
plus any related travel expenses e.g. parking fees, road tolls, flights, transfers, taxes, etc.
This will be assessed/confirmed ASAP so there’s no surprises


For PhotoShoots a distance from Halifax, West Yorkshire
an overnight charge of upto £100 per night may incur to avoid possible unforeseen travel delays that may occur on your day
This will be assessed/confirmed ASAP so there’s no surprises



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  • Copyright remains with Andy Beattie Photography (and his/her assigns until 70 years after death as is stated by UK Law)
  • The negatives/digital RAW files remain sole property of Andy Beattie Photography and are not for sale
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